Health Of Your Lower Abdomen

As the world is moving towards the new age with better technology there is a certain drawback of the era today, we live in. Although we can produce so many of the eatables with modern techniques, due to the usage of chemicals they are becoming injurious to health. The processed foods and drinks and other eatables we consume on a daily basis is damaging our internal system and is giving birth to new deadly diseases. We should be concerned about it because it is out intestine that suffers a lot but the unhealthy habits of eating. What is more problematic is that we eat more and more of the processed food and drink less water and do less of the physical movements which are contributing to the deadly scenarios taking place inside our intestines.  


Colonoscopy Gold Coast or coloscopy is a procedure to examine the intestine from inside by inserting a camera fitted in the front of the tube through the anal open of the human body. It helps to figure out what is happening in there and how the condition of the intestine is overall. Patients are often concerned about the pain they may feel due to the procedure but, there is no pain for the maximum of the patients. Plus, experts use light sedation which helps to make the process as comfortable as possible. The only thing one may experience is a bit of bleeding after the session. 

Why it is needed?

 Colonoscopy is required because it is important to take care of your health especially if you are feeling something uncomfortable while expelling the wastage from your body and you may feel some other sort of uncomfortable bowel issues. This process can detect bowel cancer, abdominal pain, unexplained diarrhea, and colon polyps. The timely taken test can help to prevent any of the diseases that might be possibly growing in the walls of the intestine. 

Preparation for colonoscopy:

Your doctor will give you certain instructions to follow before your session. These are to ensure that your results are accurate enough. These instructions may include the dietary plan which will include a liquid diet. This diet may be of 24 hours to 72 hours depending on your bowel movements. You are not supposed to drink any of the drink containing red or purple dye it will distort the result. These drinks may include 

  • Broth
  • Gelatine
  • Coffee
  • Plain tea
  • Pulp-free juice
  • And sports drink


Tell your doctor the entire routine and the medication you are taking so that he consults you accordingly so that your results are accurate. People who are in their old age like above 50 should have this test every few years as these people have more chances of getting cancer and other diseases.