Psychology Healing And Kinesiology Healing

We have already passed the two decades of the twenty first century and have entered in a third decade.  We can see the revolutionary inventions with each passing day that have made our lives much easier. There is no such field left which has not been introduced with the latest inventions and discoveries of science and technology. The field of medicine has also been benefited by these inventions. There is no such deformity or disease left which cannot be treated or cured by the use of medical procedures, medical equipments or medication. The treatment of various diseases can be carried out in various ways. It can be carried out by the use of medical equipment and medication or it can also be carried out by some therapeutic techniques. Counselling is another way of treating health issues. Holistic medicine is a healing procedure in which counselling and therapeutic procedures are done to improve the mental and physical condition of human beings. Kinesiology and psychology are the two branches of holistic medicine. We will be discussing about psychology and kinesiology healing in this article.

Psychology healing:

Basically, the word “psyche” is related to the mental health of a person and “logy” is the word used for “study of”. So, psychology can be defined as the study of mental health of human beings. The person who is well educated in the field of psychology is known as a trusted psychologist. The main aim of a psychologist is to provide such an environment during his counselling session so that his patient would elaborate his feelings without any hesitation. After a patient has shared all his emotions with the psychologists then a psychologist try to evaluate the reason of his stress, anxiety or depression. Once a psychologist has pinned out the reason behind all of this mental problems then he tries to take the patient out of this situation by properly counselling them without the use of any medication.

Kinesiology healing:

Kinesiology healing is the process of reforming the physical conditions of human body without the use of medication. It rather involves the therapeutic techniques or counselling sessions to activate or regulate the human body movements. Kinesiology deals with the human body movements, human body functioning and other related things. One might ask a question that how counselling sessions can help in regulating the body movement. Well, it is actually the brain which commands the whole body to function properly and slight disturbance in brain can result in the abnormality of actions.


Psychology and kinesiology are the two branches of holistic medicine that deals with the mental health and physical health of human beings. In both of these branches the method of counselling is carried out especially in the field of psychology. A psychologist tries to talk the patient out of the depression, anxiety or any other kind of mental stress. “Serenity holistic healing” offers the best services off psychology healing and kinesiology healing in Ashburton.